Ultra Patch – Patch And Repair Complete Mixture 650g Box


Speedy Seed Ultra Patch 650g Box

Covers up to 15 patches

Ultra Patch contains a unique blend of grass seed, urine neutraliser, expanding coir and fertiliser to ensure the coverage of any bare patches in your lawn. The ingredients in this product have been specially selected to give a lush, even result fast !

650g will cover approximately 6 square meters. This will cover up to 15 patches (depending on the area of dead grass)

Pet Friendly Lawn

If you have a pet you will know how frustrating it is to find dry, dying patches in your lawn. Ultra Patch contains a special urine neutraliser, which means your pets can play on your lawn without the worry of those ‘brown patches’ appearing again !

Wait until the risk of frost has passed before using Ultra Patch. Frost will affect seed germination. 

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