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BRS Garden Group is the number one choice for turf supplies at quality and affordable prices in Gordonsfield. Our lawn turf is available throughout the year in Gordonsfield. We supply three grades of lawn turf suitable for differing applications and budgets. Our family lawn is by far the most popular, in fact, it makes up 90% of our annual turf sales in Gordonsfield. Lawn turf is delivered by our own fleet of vehicles in and around Gordonsfield. There is no minimum order and turf can be delivered in conjunction with any other products, for example, soil, bark and decorative gravels.

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What type of turf do I need in Gordonsfield?

Not sure what you need or the best type of turf for your home and garden in Gordonsfield? Give our team a ring, and they can discuss your requirements and advise you on how much turf you need for your Gordonsfield project.

  • Landscape Turf
  • Garden Turf
  • Lawn Fertilizer
  • Grass Seed
  • Landscape Soil

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Fast Delivery Van in Gordonsfield

Super Fast Delivery

Super fast delivery in Gordonsfield for turf products ordered with BRS Garden Group.

Local Turf supplier in Gordonsfield

Local Gordonsfield Business

We are a local business in Gordonsfield with a great reputation around the UK.

Small or Bulk Order Turf in Gordonsfield

Small or Bulk Orders

No matter your requirements, we offer the same fantastic service to every request.

Over 20 years experience in Gordonsfield

Over 20 years experience

We have been providing a service our customers love in Gordonsfield, for over 20 years.

Turf Calculator

Try our Turf Calculator to work out how much turf you need. Our turf calculator allows you to calculate the metres squared requirements.

Trade Accounts

Looking to purchase large amounts from BRS Garden Group in Gordonsfield? Call your local area on 01977 883305 or Leeds 01977 883305 for trade prices.

Ordering on BRS Garden Group is simple. Browse our Gordonsfield store and find what you require and when you are happy you can checkout using our secure checkout system. We accept all major debit and credit card vendors. Alternatively, you can call our Gordonsfield team on 01977 883305 to discuss your requirements.

Once your turf order has been placed an agreed day will be given for your delivery in Gordonsfield WF7. Sometimes we are able to offer a.m. or p.m. deliveries depending on how busy we are. We try to accommodate Gordonsfield turf deliveries at short notice but usually delivery is within 2-3 working days. We ask that you plan your project and give as much notice as possible as we get very busy in high season.

Turf is an easy to lay grass solution which adds greens and character to your garden instantly – a Gordonsfield turfed lawn is normally ready to use in 3-6 weeks. When you buy turf in Gordonsfield from BRS Garden Group, you are buying 6-12 months worth of time.  You are also saving a lot of hassle for yourself compared to growing grass through grass seed. There is no need to worry about seed varieties or quality, as BRS Garden Group does this all for you. You can purchase our high quality Gordonsfield lawn turf here. All our lawn turf orders in Gordonsfield come with fast delivery which is delivered by our very own Gordonsfield BRS Garden Group team.

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Our high quality affordable turf is ideal for ANY home, garden or commercial premises. Choose from 3 grades of turf to suit all budgets and different usages. BRS Garden Group supply and deliver Turf in Gordonsfield and the surrounding areas for both residential and trade customers. We deliver our own turf to Gordonsfield using our fleet of modern vehicles and can be dropped close to the area you want the turf laid, and we offer NO minimum order.