Bark chippings are a great option for low maintenance gardens and pathways.

Creating a dense barrier that prevents weeds and protects soil, bark can be used for multiple purposes. Ideal for flower beds and vegetable patches, you can also use bark to border your paving areas and/or create paths.

Bark chips for borderOrnamental Bark Chippings

  • Enable excellent weed suppression
  • Aid moisture retention, acting as a mulch to protect vulnerable plants at times of low rainfall
  • Look attractive and enhance the natural beauty of the planted borders.

Play Bark

Our play bark is produced from mixed conifer and bark predominantly of Pine in origin. It is a 100% natural product and contains no additives or colouring. Durable and long lasting, easy to use and maintain. It is free draining and provides a clean play surface all year round, suitable for use with all playground equipment and conforms to BS EN 1176 (1998. The Centre for Sports Technology - Impact Absorption Test). For use as an impact absorbing playground safety surface.

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